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About Us

The Campus

Our campus area is approximately 5 acres and consist of “Interconnected Activity Centers”, namely the administrative centre, Pre- Primary/ Primary/Secondary/ and Senior Secondary classroom blocks, multi-purpose sport complex. Primary and senior libraries, dance – drama studio primary and senior computer centers, primary and senior staff rooms/lounge, laborites, swimming pool, Gym and water pool/cafeteria hub.

Our Environment

Alok Bharati Shikshan Sansthan is situated amidst vast expanses of green, in an idyllic setting, away from pollution, noise and distraction, just right for learning process. We have chosen our location and planned our school in a way so as to provide the best of everything needed, to create that unique ambience which facilitates the learning process.

Our Classrooms

Designed ergonomically for efficient usage of the time spent by our students, we have envisioned the unique concept of a resources area and an attached patio with each classroom. Resources area, as the name suggested, houses all the resources needed for the smooth functioning of a class. From cupboards to store children’s books and copies to their art and craft things and other trivia, aptly labelled to save confusion and chaos.

Our Philosophy

Developing academic excellence
and individual talent .

To make each student a valuable
contributor to society.

Establish a system that brings out
the best in each individual.

Every student steps out into the world
with greater confidence.

Tap the latent talent of
each individual.

Prepare a student not only for
examinations but also to set well in life.

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