Founder Message

Shri Krishna Jhunjhunwala Founder

Alok Bharati Shikshan Sansthan School mark to indicate quality and genuineness. We have chosen this name for our school because we hope that our school will establish a standard not only in academics but also in extra-curricular activities, so that our children may emerge as well rounded young men and women of the country.


Founder Message

The Fundamental role of a good school is to prepare a student not only for examinations, but also to set well in life. As the world becomes more competitive, the school must ensure not only its pupils to go through the required academic course, but also they are equipped with the skills, knoledge and attitude that will determine their success in these changing times. in addition to developing academic excellence, the school must develop the individual talents that make each student a valuable contributor to society. The school must therefore establish a system that brings out the best in each individual, so that every student steps out into the world with greater confidence. it should be imbued with a philosophy that will enable it to turn out not only students who excel academically, but will also tap the talent of each individual

Shri Krishna Jhun Jhun Wala (Founder)

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