1. The class work assignment and oral assignment of the exams will be done on the basis of the student’s overall performance throughout the year.
  2. The promotions are decided by examination committee at end of the academic session. It is made on the basis of the mark obtained in the SA1 and SA2 examination as well as the general work and the progress of the year, absents in the SA 1/SA 2 exams will not be considered for promotion. The minimum pass mark in each subject will 40%.
  3. Special arrangements cannot be made for pupils who for any reason, whatever season will be awarded zero marks in the particular exam.
  4. A pupil who uses unfair means during test/ exams will be given zero in that subject. Repetition of the same will result in stern action.
  5. Some educational trip may be organised by the school from time to time. The expense for such trips is to be borne by the students and the school will not be responsible if there occurs any kind of mis happening regarding such trips.

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